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Frequently Asked Questions

RaiBlocks is a new way of thinking about money, take some time and educate yourself on the benefits and uses for this network.

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What is RaiBlocks?
How does RaiBlocks work?
What are the advantages of RaiBlocks?
Who is the team behind RaiBlocks?

Community Managers
Can I mine RaiBlocks?

RaiBlocks is not mined and has reached its maximum supply of 133,248,290 XRB. Funds were initially distributed via a captcha-based faucet distribution system that ended in October 2017. Websites claiming to mine XRB are actually mining other cryptocurrencies, such as Monero, to trade for XRB on an exchange, and then paying out miners in XRB, leveraging RaiBlocks’ feeless transactions.

Where is the RaiBlocks community located?
Where is RaiBlocks traded?

RaiBlocks is currently traded on three exchanges under the ticker symbol $XRB

The development team is actively working to add Raiblocks to additional exchanges, with the goal of Raiblocks ultimately trading on every major exchange.

Unfortunately, the Raiblocks team ​is not permitted to discuss ​potential listings on additional exchanges until Raiblocks is officially listed. The Raiblocks team will announce each new exchange listing as soon as they are available.

Where can I find the RaiBlocks wallet?

RaiBlocks currently supports both a desktop and online wallet, with plans to release a mobile wallet and light wallet in the near future.

What are RaiBlocks’ Units?

Currently the XRB ticker represents 1 million xrb (Mxrb), which is 10^30 raw, the smallest unit of RaiBlocks (equivalent to a satoshi in bitcoin)

RaiBlocks’ smallest unit is 1 raw, while 1 Gxrb is the largest. 1 xrb is 10^24 raw.

XRB is the ticker used on exchanges/software to trade Mxrb.

1 XRB does not equal 1 xrb. 1 XRB currently equals 1Mxrb.

Name dividers have been put in place to notate the factor of raw units in SI notation:

1 Raw 1 uxrb 1 mxrb 1 xrb 1 kxrb 1 Mxrb 1 Gxrb
100 103 106 109 1012 1015 1018 1021 1024 1027 1030 1033
How does RaiBlocks achieve consensus?
Is RaiBlocks vulnerable to attacks?
What are some of the long-term goals for RaiBlocks?
How does RaiBlocks compare to other cryptocurrencies?
vs. Bitcoin
vs. IOTA
vs. Ethereum